We're Infinimata Press, and we're here to turn science fiction and fantasy upside down and shake the change out of its pockets. Find out more.

The Blog:

The F(r)iendly Mess

One of the hallmarks of functional adulthood is learning how to throw things out and not regret it.

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The Writing:

The Big Red Pencil

I'm almost done with editing the proof copy of Shunga-Satori, and I found ... well, a fair number of things that somehow managed to elude me in previous drafts.

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The Reviews:

Tri Repetae++ (Autechre)

"Far from being 'inhuman' or 'robotic', as was often charged in the early days, electronic music is thus a profoundly human art."

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Welcome to our worlds. They're for you, too.

We've been home-brewing science fiction and fantasy since 2007. It's made by human hands, with a human touch. Even in the biggest of adventures, we look for the intimate details, the things that remind us that at the core of every great story are people we care about, not just neat ideas or nifty gizmos.

SF&F should wake you up, not put you to sleep. It should be a celebration of the new, not a reworking of the old.

Ever get that feeling you've read this story before? So did we. That's why we sat down and started writing: to get out from under the shadow of mass-market, focus-grouped, demographically-predestined literature that's anything but "fantastic".