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The Empire's New Tools

New tools for publishing on Kindle are a major step forward.


The Curation Is Worse Than The Disease Dept.

Amazon's self-publishing program is no curation program.


Build A Bigger Megaphone Dept.

On Amazon's flash sales creating breakout bestsellers:

Fan Faction Dept.

Amazon helps fanfic goes "legit" -- or is it about fanfic?

Good To Be Wrong Dept.

I was wrong about the bottom falling out of e-book pricing, thank goodness.

Money in the Bank Dept.

Meet my first, and very tiny, Amazon Kindle royalty check.


Re-Kindled: "Summerworld"



Blu-Eyed Soul Dept.

I haven't done this in a while, so here are some recent Blu-ray issues that grabbed my attention. Some will end up on my own shelf by year's end or so....


Coming Distractions Dept.

It's been a while since my last deep-dive of upcoming titles, so here goes... Dogora has been described as the child of films like Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka, with Cambodia as the set and Patrice Lecomte (The Girl on the Bridge)...

Hunting The Snark Dept.

How's this for a nyah-nyah duel? Amazon Vs. Macmillan, Round Three: Amazon caves and agrees to allow e-book pricing to be set much more competitively, but does so via an announcement worded for maximum acidity: Macmillan, one of the “big...

Booked Again Dept.

The recent business with Amazon and Macmillan has been commented on in many places: Jim Hines and Cat Valente have their takes on it -- I was especially annoyed with the way Amazon seems to be trying to spin this...


Disappearing And Re-appearing Act Dept.

The bad news: Vertical's excellent edition of Osamu Tezuka's MW is now out of print. My rave about it is here, and I still smile at this part: ... [in] those last couple of pages, where having already yanked the...

Blasts From The Future Dept.

Some brief new releases. Hideo Gosha (of Goyokin, The Geisha and Sword of the Beast) has a new domestic DVD release: Onimasa aka The Japanese Godfather. (I have a review of The Geisha that needs to go up at some point;...

Dogging It In The Heartland Dept.

In my post about Hakkenden I lamented the lack of a good English translation of the book (apart from the extracts found here and there). There's also vanishingly little English scholarship about the author (Bakin Takizawa) -- apart from one...

Jungrail Dept.

How's this for a hook? A manuscript by C.G. Jung, long unseen, is now finally appearing in print and may change forever the way Jungian psychology has been conducted and considered. Magazine Preview - Carl Jung and the Holy Grail...

BDVs. Dept.

Three words.Versus on Blu-ray.Do I need to say anything else? Other than that the movie itself is classic....

Fun Indeed Dept.

I posted about this over at AMN, but FUNimation has seen fit to grace us with Blu-ray editions of truly kick-butt shows as of the end of this year: Basilisk, Samurai Champloo, Tsubasa, and the live-action Ichi (the female Zatōichi...

Amaclosetzon Dept.

Time for a little Amazon backtracking! The live-action version of the outstanding Mushi-shi is headed Stateside! Right now all we get is the regular DVD, but this had better be a candidate for a Blu-ray release at some point. Incidentally,...

Zonama Dept.

Black Rain -- the good Shohei Imamura movie, not the crappy Michael Douglas one -- is getting a long-overdue DVD issue thanks to AnimEigo. The artwork for the first Blade of the Immortal DVD is right on the freakin' money....


Another one I overlooked. Takashi Miike's Audition hits Blu-ray in October. I looked at it back on DVD but I think I significantly underrated it at the time, and it's going to be worth a second look. I'm personally hoping...

Amasszon Dept.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GiG is getting a priced-down reissue in September thanks to Bandai. No word on domestic issues of the Blu-ray versions of the series (or even the remix of the movie, which I've...


What, more good news!? Yes. As of right now, thanks to the good graces of the folks at, I now have all of my books currently in print available on Summerworld, The Four-Day Weekend and the older...

Oh My Amazon! Dept.

Tak (Versus) Sakaguchi's Samurai School is headed our way! Hilarious by all accounts -- and hey, he could be in a four-hour documentary about peat moss and I'd watch it. You know, punching it and stuff. (He was also in...

We've Got Your Amazon Right Here Dept.

Big Man Japan comes to American shores at last! By all accounts it's hilarious and highly recommended.A new DVD edition of a truly odd little movie, The 10th Victim, adapted from Robert Sheckley's almost-similarly-titled novel and curiously true to its...

Stand Up And Be Counted Dept. Vote For the Next Criterion Collection Blu-ray ReleaseTogether with the Criterion Collection, we're offering customers the unique opportunity to select an upcoming Blu-ray release from the Criterion Collection. From now until May 25th, select from Au Revoir Les...

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