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A Peek Under The Hood

Some technical notes about the blog system I built here.

A Megaphone Of One's Own

Reflections on something like 25 years of blogging.


One Week Later ...

Calendar on the wall tells me I've been running my new blog software for about a week now. Successfully!

Deep Dive

I dove deep this week into rewriting my blog software. Almost didn't come up for air.

The Reconstruction Blues

Blogging software, rewritten from scratch.

This Old Blogging App

Should I rewrite my existing blogging app, or ditch it entirely? (Spoiler: DIY! DIY!)


This Is About As Performant As I Want To Get

People who launch YouTube channels or present themselves a certain way on Twitter are said to be engaging in a kind of performance. Or someone who just keeps a blog, like yours truly.

When The Gears Mesh, And When The Lightbulb Goes On

When tech works it's a wonderful thing. The rest of the time... (Self-written blog software edition.)

The Forever Draft

The idea is called "continuous publishing", and it doesn't thrill me.

Blog On

Toying with Pelican, Nikola, and other static site generators.


All The Things I Never Said

Most of my unpublished blogging simply isn't fit for public consumption. Here's what most of it is.

Nobloggy But Me

Blogging never "died"; it's just become harder to see. But it's as crucial as ever.

The Problem With The Rat Race Is That Even If You Win, You're Still A Rat

On media both social and antisocial.

Someone Else's Discussion

On getting back into the headspace for blogging.


The Big Shakeup Dept.

Out with the old blog, in with the new blog. Slowly.


He's Good People Dept.

Good stories start with good characters.

Gleeful Disdain Dept.

Me and my big mouth, revisited.

Busyness Dept.

Not much time for blogging -- bunch of real-life things got in the way, and I ended up not doing book edits for a couple of days in a row. For me this constitutes a major failing of mettle, so...

Metalizer Dept.

On building an escape hatch with software.

If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of The Precipitate Dept.

I'm trying to solve my problems, not create new ones. Honest.

Immovable Type (Dis)continued Dept.

More on me drilling my own escape tunnel from dead-end software.

Brokedown Castle Dept.

The peril and pain of DIY blogging.

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