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The Justification Of A Virtuous Vice

I know at the end of the day I don't really have to justify buying books, even as "research". But I still justify it.

Shelf Lives (September 2023 Edition)

Another year, another round of book purging from my collection. What stays and what goes, and why?

The Rebel (Albert Camus)

How can we live as a species, knowing now the temptation to righteous power will always exist even in (and maybe especially in) the best of us? And how do we let all that not get in the way of us getting very real boots off our very real necks?


Dogeared And Beloved

On beloved books, grown distinguished with age and wear.

Toss It In Your Satchel

One of the many things the proliferation of the smartphone seems to have killed is the Beloved Weatherbeaten Paperback.

'Unmortal' Is Now Available!

My new novel, "Unmortal", eighth in the Infinimata Press lineup, is now available in both paperback and ebook editions!


The Instinct To Pounce

On my long-honed sense of when something is rare and should be acquired, lest you never see it again.


Man Against Myth (Barrows Dunham)

Barrows Dunham's 1947 work of popular philosophy deserves the widest possible audience in 2020.

'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned', Remastered, Is Now Available

The "remastered" version of "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned" is now available!

Glimpses Of The Near Future Shelf

A look at the upcoming "remastered" editions of my books "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned", "Welcome To The Fold", and "Flight Of The Vajra".

'The Fall Of The Hammer' Is Now Available!

My new fantasy/adventure novel (well, it's a lot more than that, really) is now available on Kindle and in print.

Waiting On Proof

Awaiting a proof copy of my new novel "The Fall Of The Hammer".

I Liked The Movie Better. No, Really.

Sometimes adapting something, as one form of remaking it, can do it a favor.

The Burden Of Being Enthusiastic

I'm way behind on everything these days, and the biggest reason for that is there's just so much more of everything. But it's no crime to miss out, is it?


Book Your Own Life!

How the Open Library, digital resources, and my own reading habits have changed my bookbuying.

The Best Of The Best Of The Best

The more I try to parse it, the more this business of best-of, of ranking things, seems a consumerist attitude.

Less Is Less (Is More)

Purging bookshelves, freeing up space, lightening the load.

Bibliophile's Lament

The joys and tribulations of the Open Library.

The Case For Preferring Older Books

You miss out on less than you think.

Another Land's Words

Are international literary prizes just for "foreign writers who make sense to us"?

The Pile That Never Shrinks

How the Open Library is keeping me from drowning in books.


The Kid In The Window Stays In The Picture

On reading Scorsese talk about Scorsese.

Catching My Eye (2018-12-10 Edition)

Stuff I'm looking out for, anticipating, and recommending.

Large And In Charge

On "volume equals value for money" in books.

Axes For The Frozen Seas

A Kafka quote re-examined.

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