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The Instinct To Pounce

On my long-honed sense of when something is rare and should be acquired, lest you never see it again.


Book Your Own Life!

How the Open Library, digital resources, and my own reading habits have changed my bookbuying.


57,000 Channels And Still Nothing On

On the "drawbacks to the all-access, all-free world".


Throw The Book At 'Em Dept.

Another NYC bookstore gone, another desert of the mind expands.


The Bookmakers, All 7 Billion Of Them Dept. (On "The Business of Literature", Pt. 1)

How to fix publishing? Fix publishers, readers, books, all of the above?

Busted Brain Trust Dept.

Why machine recommendations are by, and for, machines.


Small In Japan Dept.

Why Foreign Bestsellers Often Fail in Japan | Publishing PerspectivesAn interesting piece on the mechanics of publishing in that country. One of the oddities about bookstores there -- this I can confirm from my own experiences with Japanese bookstores here,...

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