Posts tagged entertainment in 2013

A Mouthful Of Stories Dept.

Great writing and great cuisine, compared.

The Highs And Lows Of High And Low Art Dept.

More on why art doesn't sit on the rungs of a ladder.

The Feel-Bland Hit Of The Summer Dept.

Maybe we've grown weary of manufactured excitement, emphasis on that first word: manufactured.

The World Crashes In, Into My Living Room Dept.

Why the pipeline that deliver us the culture we have to live with is failing us.

Gap Filler Dept.

Our art isn't just "content", but that's what it's being turned into.

Do-Over (And Over, And Over) Dept.

In a conversation with a friend about remakes, said friend noted that there are three things you need to do with a remake: Retell the old story, and not only do it justice but pay proper homage to it. Update...

Another Corrupt Brightness Dept.

Let's not fence ourselves in.

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