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My Five Steps To A Story

For the first time, I've formulated and written down the steps I take to create a story. Yours may differ.

The Book Where No One Eats Spaghetti

And where almost nothing else happened, either, save for people talking at each other. A case study.


A For Amoral, Or Artistic

With amorality in art, we tend to single out the wrong things to get upset about.

The Escapist Imperative

In dire times, some people (me included) feel uneasy about seeking escape from the moment they're in.

The Dark Stuff

Something that disturbs us can be profound, but that does not mean disturbance is profundity, or a certain route to same.

Misery Index, 2022 Edition (And Earlier)

The story of a never-written project that made me realize why I don't want to rub the misery of our moment in people's faces and call that art.

Inhuman Affections

Why would we find it easier to feel sympathy for a cartoon animal than another human being?

Picking Up The Broken Pieces

The problems with multi-installment works are worse than we think.

Naked Brunch

On the problem of avant-gardism having no criterion for failure.


The Impossible Immutable

In a story that spans multiverses and multi-selves, do we even need to talk about a "self"?

Too Cultivated For My Own Good

One thing I've long hated about myself is how picky I've become when it comes to my tastes in fiction.

She Said

Some novels by women you need to know about, and probably don't.

An All-New 'Epitaph' -- Two, In Fact

Two, two, TWO new translations of Machado de Assis's amazing novel came out when my back was turned!

License To Brutalize And Alienate

On a few words from Raymond Carver on ''experimentation''


Not Enough There There

With many of the stories I've taken up only to abandon, what was most interesting to me about them seemed impossible to communicate to others.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Over And Over Again

On a narrow, reductionist view of fiction (and not a very good one, for that reason).

Minimal Headwordspace

2020 just about killed my enthusiasm for reading, which was finicky to begin with.

The Beatings Shall Continue, And All That

It is not required to substitute ugly things for lovely ones in the name of some spurious bid for truth.

No, You Really Couldn't Make This Up If You Tried

On the notion that if our moment in time were a story, nobody would believe a word of it.

From Scratch Every Time

Every single time I start a new story, I'm starting from scratch in more ways than one.

Original Conclusions

It's hard to do your own thing, and for good reasons.

Of The Here And Now, Or The Anywhere And Always

I've long been wary of using fiction as a system of polemic, not because I don't care about the world we live in but because such things typically make for bad fiction


Havel's Optimism, December 2019 Edition

Stories aren't about happy or sad endings. They're about making sense of what happens.

Highly Illogical, Jim

When does a story's logic hold fast, and when does it break?

The True(r) Story

On the fictions of the "true story" style of moviemaking.

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