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No, You Really Couldn't Make This Up If You Tried

On the notion that if our moment in time were a story, nobody would believe a word of it.

From Scratch Every Time

Every single time I start a new story, I'm starting from scratch in more ways than one.

Original Conclusions

It's hard to do your own thing, and for good reasons.

Of The Here And Now, Or The Anywhere And Always

I've long been wary of using fiction as a system of polemic, not because I don't care about the world we live in but because such things typically make for bad fiction


Havel's Optimism, December 2019 Edition

Stories aren't about happy or sad endings. They're about making sense of what happens.

Highly Illogical, Jim

When does a story's logic hold fast, and when does it break?

The True(r) Story

On the fictions of the "true story" style of moviemaking.


A Walk-On Part In The War, Or A Lead Role In A Cage

On The Minnie Effect in fiction.

That Pile On The Nightstand

The overwhelming majority of what I'm genuinely curious about reading has been nonfiction. I hate that.

It's A Living

If written fiction's becoming nothing but a prelude to adaptation, what's that mean for written fiction itself?

Player Zero

On why books need to be written to be books, not film pitches-to-be.


The Benefits Of A Cracking Good Yarn

What storytelling can do that a straight rundown of facts can't.

Shall We Put A Label On That? Dept.

Given my interest in Zen, am I writing "Buddhist fiction"? I'm dubious.

Engines Of Empathy Dept.

Does reading make us more empathic, or do more empathic people just make better readers?

Bad Guys Never Lose Dept.

Don't think good and evil; think why and how.


Tick Tick Tock Dept.

On time travel and our urge to get away from it all.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken Dept.

How laying the ground rules for my new book almost ground me down.

Larger Than Fiction Dept.

On being Trumped.


Nothing Special Dept.

"When any image is possible, no image is all that impressive anymore."


Give It Up Dept.

On the Fiction of Resignation.

A Classic Dilemma Dept.

Young-adult fiction and the classics, once again.

It Ain't Me Dept.

Are you your characters? And should you apologize for them?

Chicken Little Hits Again Dept.

It's the end of the world as we know it, yet again.

Young Adult, Not-So-Young Adult Dept.

Why adult fiction doesn't speak to adults anymore.

Selling Last Year's Model Dept.

We'd sooner sell another version of the old than dream up something truly new -- and maybe it's marketing that's the culprit.

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