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Suddenly, It's All Science Fiction

If I didn't feel before like I was living in a science fiction novel, this year sure clinched that feeling. But not for the reasons you might think.


A Cure For The No Future Blues

ON SF exhaustion, and the point of believing in tomorrow.


Treknology Dept.

Why 'Trek' continues to matter, or not matter.


Hieroglyph The Third Dept.

Yet more on 'Hieroglyph' and a better future for all who can afford it.

Squinting Into The Future Dept.

If looking to SF for a vision of the future is a bad idea, can we at least say which SF we're talking about?


On Whitewashing The Future Dept.

The best far-looking SF is always rooted in the conflicts of the moment -- especially the things we think we will someday outgrow.

Futurism-ism Dept.

The mysticism of the future by way of technology is no improvement over the mysticisms of the past.

Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today! Dept.

E.W. Dijkstra Archive: On the cruelty of really teaching computing science (EWD 1036) The usual way in which we plan today for tomorrow is in yesterday's vocabulary. We do so, because we try to get away with the concepts we...

Me Lack Space In The Spirit Dept.

More on the general avoidance of discussions about spirituality in futurism.

No Future For You Dept. (Pt. 1)

What happened to the cool future we all imagined? Maybe it wasn't all of us that imagined it, or wanted it.

I've Seen The Future (Again) And It (Still) Doesn't Work Dept.

Gadgetry is not futurism.


Future Tense Dept.

On looking forward (in SF) while at the same time looking around -- because that's all you really can do.

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