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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Each book of mine has been about going a place I haven't gone yet, and seeing what I can bring back with me.

A Cyberpunk Of The Here And Now

I'm calling my new book "Charisma" a work of cyberpunk, in the sense of "the street has its own uses for things".


The Container It Goes In

We put things into genres to make them sellable, and the best way to do that is after the fact.


The Big Payback, er, Payoff

What you do and don't owe a reader.

The Blankest Of Slates And Pages

What happens when we take a genre and remove everything from it that we'd label as being part of that genre?


Kid Stuff, Labels, And Vonnegut's Lament

It's a problem when you fall in love with the (SF) exception and not the (SF) rule.

Science Affliction Dept.

I call my work SF because I gotta call it something.


Label, Label, Label Dept.

I'm not fond of labels. Unfortunately, we can't live without them.


Be Yourself, Lest You Be Someone Else Dept.

On weirdness as a substitute for being original.


Shoot High, Aim Low Dept.

Why Kurt Vonnegut didn't think much of SF.

The Perfect Gateway Drug Dept.

More on the mistaken idea that a given work of SF/fantasy can "convert" the non-fandom masses.

Talking Genre Constriction Blues Dept.

More on why and how SF bottles itself in, unthinkingly.


Not Fade Away Dept.

Looks like I wasn't alone in feeling that SF is losing its luster, but that just makes my job as a creator of same all the tougher.

Some Difference That Makes Some Difference Is Some Difference Dept.

Fantasy, science fiction, or other? (Or multiple choice?)

Under the New Sun Dept.

Nothing new? Depends on how you see "new".

Those Pesky Fans! Dept.

When the biggest obstacle to a cultural phenomenon is the fans.

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