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Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 2: The Idea

The alterna-past setting and backstory for my new novel, 'Fall Of The Hammer'.


Nobody Cares Enough About Your Idea To Steal It, Part Nine Thousand And Seven

"Don't worry about someone stealing your good ideas. Worry about someone stealing your bad ones!"

Nobody Cares Enough About Your Idea To Steal It, Part Nine Thousand And Six

Ideas aren't what matter, anyway. Execution is. And beyond that, the habit of executing. But why do we get hung up about great ideas?


My Best Fiend [sic]

I ask of a friend not that we be in absolute harmony, but only that our discord be its own delight.

The Grand Mutation

For fun I sat down and mentally traced the progress of my earlier SF-space-opera thingy Flight Of The Vajra.

Nowhere Are We Commanded To Be Doormats

Kevin Drum dropped an aphorism worth repeating: "When you write, pretend you’re writing for people you respect."

It's X Meets Y, But With Z!

"There is no reading experience in an idea, only in its execution."

The Paradox Of Limits

Maybe we need to speak of focus rather than limits.

All The Things I Never Said

Most of my unpublished blogging simply isn't fit for public consumption. Here's what most of it is.


The Deep End Of The Pool

How to work with all those ideas swimming around in your head.

Unfinished Business Dept.

Stories abandoned and as yet unwritten have much in common.


Conversations (And Proversations) Dept.

With any story, it takes time to "get the conversation" about the story.


Nailing Jelly To The Surface Of The Pond Dept.

Getting your ideas together for a new story can be just that tough.

Sunk Costs And Time Regained Dept.

Why it's so hard for creative people to let go of something they've already sunk so much into.

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