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The Anatomy Of Addiction (God)

A thunderous fusion of jazz and industrial rock, way out of print but absolutely worth seeking out.


Execution Ground (Painkiller)

When John Zorn and Bill Laswell joined forces, the results were nothing short of seismic.


Disconnected (Greymachine)

Do you remember Godflesh? I remember Godflesh. I remember Pure. I still speak of it, without irony, as an album that changed my life. I remember the relentless grinding of the first self-titled album, the utter despondency of Streetcleaner, the...


Pure (Godflesh)

Someone once said that trying to write a criticism of a favorite thing is a little like assembling a rational explanation of why you love your wife. That’s the central problem of criticism: you’re trying to find logical, dispassionate ways...

3 (Final)

In the entire time I’ve been following Justin Broadrick’s career, he alone has assumed as many side-project identities as each member of any given band have released solo albums. Nominally, Broadrick is known for his longstanding band Godflesh (about which...

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