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Hammered To Pieces

The most amazing thing about the next draft of 'The Fall Of The Hammer' is how much of it will end up not getting ditched, as I feared might happen.

Yes U-Turn

On not backing up in the middle of a first draft ... and then doing exactly that.

Rewriting Is Writing Is Rewriting

Is rehearsing.


Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On For The Third Time

On kicking off a third draft.

Forward Ever, Backwards Never

Who turns around and starts over in the middle of a first draft? A case study.

Boots On The Ground

Why nothing beats the "in-the-trenches" experience of writing.

The Road Not Taken And All That

How 'Flight Of The Vajra' could have begun altogether differently.

Not For The Lazy!

On resisting a reworking.

You Did That For A Reason, Remember?

On rewriting: "No, no, I can't cut that, it's there for a REASON!"

The Long And Winding Checklist

On using (and abusing) the rewrite process's "things to do" list.

Map Vs. Territory

On finding my way through the second draft of a story.

Always Outnumbered, Always Overworked

Next up: revisions on my next novel, and rough plans for a future one.

Let's Do It Again Dept.

Rewrite, revise, revisit, rethink.


Fold It In Half Dept.

Still hard at work.


Tell It Again Sam Dept.

How I write, and how I rewrite.

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