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Suddenly, It's All Science Fiction

If I didn't feel before like I was living in a science fiction novel, this year sure clinched that feeling. But not for the reasons you might think.

A Dream That Lasts Longer Than The Night

"How come it is easier for us to imagine the end of the world than a modest change in our economic order?" Let me take a crack at this, including how it relates to SF.

Maybe We Can Dream Our Way Out Of It

When we can't think our way out of it, that is.

Blade Runner 2049

A blueprint for how to do the impossible -- namely, follow up a classic: give it to another artist of vision and stand back.

Stories Of The New Weird Normal

How to seek out stories that intelligently confront the moral complexity of the 21st century.

The New Absurd Is The New Normal

And how we might be able to write about it.

The Impossible Factor

Why SF&F have something to teach us even when it isn't "real".

Not Coming To A Book Near Me

Why I wasn't going to do post-apoc, or apoc-in-general, stories -- yes, even long before COVID-19 came along.

Future Schlock, Pt. 2

More on how SF's main purpose isn't to predict the coming of specific things, but to understand how we might respond to them, whatever they are.

Escapism In Bad Times

The point isn't to run away from what's around you, but to see something new despite it.

The Unplanned Obsolescence Of Our Dreams

SF and fantasy both have shelf lives, but drastically different kinds.


Down With The PKDness

On adapting Phil Dick's work to film and TV, and why this most unfilmable of authors has been filmed so much.

A Cure For The No Future Blues

ON SF exhaustion, and the point of believing in tomorrow.

The Big Payback, er, Payoff

What you do and don't owe a reader.

Something To Push Against

On constraints as creative impetuses, and the fallacies that arise therein.

Hugo, Hugoing, Hugoforit

AO3's Hugo: a sign of progress.


Future Schlock

On how SF tries to imagine the future, and how that needs to be more than uplift or doomsaying.

A Bridge To The Quiet Planet

My good friend Steve Savage has his first novel out. Go grab it.

Slugging (And Slogging) On

Getting caught up, and some notes on criticism from days past.

Unknown Treasures

One of the things I always hated about myself was how I was, in theory, supposed to be this gigantic SF nerd, and as it turns out I really wasn't.

That Pile On The Nightstand

The overwhelming majority of what I'm genuinely curious about reading has been nonfiction. I hate that.

A Few Words From LeGuin

Parting words, unfortunately.

Player Zero

On why books need to be written to be books, not film pitches-to-be.


The Monster Mash

" can a mash lot of orcs and unicorns and intergalactic wars together without actually imagining anything."

Emotional Rescue

The greatest stories make us emotional standard-bearers, not just emotional recipients.

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