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He Stands Alone

On Chuck Wendig only wanting to write standalones from now on, a sentiment I agree with.


Do The Next Thing

Me vs. doing sequels, yet again.

The Payoff Is The Setup

Meaning, go straight to the good stuff and don't make people wait.


Those One-And-Done-Isms

More on why I'm a never-the-same-thing-twice writer (and why others might not be).


Let's Do It Again (And Again, And Again) Dept.

"When audiences clamor for a sequel, what they’re really doing is expressing their enthusiasm for the movie they just saw."


Bigger Is Not Better Dept.

We've got to put a stop to these doorstoppers.


Do It One More Time Dept.

On the philosophy of sequels (and why I'm on the "against" side).

Last Year's Model Dept.

Hollywood's mania for sequels makes sense in light of how forgettable the films are. With no follow-up, who would remember they even exist?

No New Sunsets For You! Dept.

Creativity, repeating itself. (Or why you don't remake lightning in a bottle.)

Epic Fail Dept.

Epics are about depth, not length.


Incompatible Adapter Dept.

Bill Watterson: "No upside for me" in adapting Calvin & Hobbes to animation. I agreed.

Do That Thing Again! Again! Again! Dept.

More on not repeating yourself creatively.

Guaranteed To Disappoint Dept.

Why I'm trying not to repeat myself by not writing sequels, possibly at your expense.

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