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A Peek Under The Hood

Some technical notes about the blog system I built here.


One Week Later ...

Calendar on the wall tells me I've been running my new blog software for about a week now. Successfully!

Deep Dive

I dove deep this week into rewriting my blog software. Almost didn't come up for air.

The Reconstruction Blues

Blogging software, rewritten from scratch.

This Old Blogging App

Should I rewrite my existing blogging app, or ditch it entirely? (Spoiler: DIY! DIY!)

Not The Fastest Horse, Just The Friendliest

Using Python to build, well, everything.

My Folio Is Open At Last

My personal wiki project's Github repo is now live!

Wiki Work(i)

Progress report on my personal wiki software; organization for creatives and everyone else too.

Power Tools

On Scrivener, Granthika, TiddlyWiki, and now my project for helping writers organize their work.

The Pleasures Of Eating Your Own Dog Food

No, this isn't about pets; it's about making the tools I use for my creative work.


When The Gears Mesh, And When The Lightbulb Goes On

When tech works it's a wonderful thing. The rest of the time... (Self-written blog software edition.)

Tinker Toys

In some ways I'm quite stodgy when it comes to the software tools I use for my creative projects.


The Mashup Men

On making something new from a whole lot of somethings old.


Lifting The Curtain Dept.

I dropped a hint earlier that I was going to be unveiling a revamped version of the Genji Press site. Some more notes on that, then.

Character Building Exercises Dept.

Sometimes making things hard on yourself doesn't "build character"; it just makes things harder than they have to be.


Still Sorting It All Out Dept.

More notes on using a wiki to declutter my creative head.

Sorting It All Out Dept.

On using a wiki to declutter my creative head.

App Happy Dept.

What's in my writer's software toolbox.


Immovable Type (Dis)continued Dept.

More on me drilling my own escape tunnel from dead-end software.

An Open And Shut Case Dept. (Open-Source Software Wonkish)

When you hear the word "freedom", think about who's speaking.


Take This Type And Shove It Dept.

Me and my MT. (Is it "blog" or "bleargh"?)

Numbers Never Lie, But People ... That's Another Story Dept.

Why citing "data" as your justification can be no less arbitrary than "Because I said so."

Take This Type And Move It Dept.

Why WordPress and I can't get along.

Burning Chrome Dept.

Or maybe burning Java, who knows. More adventures in the jungle of bad software.


A Word To The Unwise Dept.

Word's custom dictionary feature falls short. Bullheaded resolve to the rescue.

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