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Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 8: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for my new novel 'Fall Of The Hammer'.

May Your Playlists Never Run Dry

Most every story I've written has a soundtrack.


Behind The Scenes With 'AONO', Pt. 8: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for my new novel.


Faith Some More Dept.

My books have soundtracks. Faith No More begs to provide one for a book as yet unwritten.


The Unplaylist Dept.

What I listen to when I should be working, and what I listen to when I am actually working.


Went There Did That Dept.

I spent Sunday at my parent's house -- first time I'd seen them in months, since they were overseas and enjoying the company of relatives in Turkey and Ireland. There was home cooking, tech support (dad's notebook needed a wipe-down)...


RareBay Dept.

A rarely-seen copy of Toru Takemitsu's complete 2-disc score for Kurosawa's Ran is up on eBay (follow the image link). I've got plans to eventually snap up a copy ... when I'm not between paychecks....

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