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No, You Really Couldn't Make This Up If You Tried

On the notion that if our moment in time were a story, nobody would believe a word of it.

Behind The Scenes With 'Fall Of The Hammer', Pt. 4: The Story

How everything from 'The Stars My Destination' to 'Streets Of Fire' (and even 'Justice League', in a negative way!) fed into the making of my new novel.

Stories Of The New Weird Normal

How to seek out stories that intelligently confront the moral complexity of the 21st century.

The Payoff Is The Setup

Meaning, go straight to the good stuff and don't make people wait.

Bubble Poppers And What-Iffers

The more outside your bubble you have at your command, the more you have to answer any "what if?" in your work.

Cheating, Not

On the idea of: "Writers are liars and fabricators, but not b.s.'ers."

By Hook Or By Book Or By Crook

On how my friend and fellow writer Matt is against the idea of the "hook" as a narrative mechanism.

Escapism In Bad Times

The point isn't to run away from what's around you, but to see something new despite it.


Highly Illogical, Jim

When does a story's logic hold fast, and when does it break?

Pull That Thread

If there's a thread in your story that begs to be pulled, pull it.


Say You, Cliché Me

"A cliché is as much about the deployment and the mode of use as it is the item itself..."

KISS And Make Up

The productivity virtues of keeping it simple, stupid.


Emotional Rescue

The greatest stories make us emotional standard-bearers, not just emotional recipients.

You Feel That Feeling?

On choosing an emotional resonance for a story.

Justice League Repair Shop

Why was 'Justice League' only okay instead of epic? How could it have been made epic? Here's my plan.

Just Us

On 'Justice League' itself. Beware spoilers.

While Standing On One Leg

Want to get to know your story? Pitch it to someone else.

Rock (Un)Steady

Just because something's in your story doesn't mean that's what your story's about.

It's About A Lot Of Things Dept.

Getting beyond the trap of: "But what's your story about?" "Well, um ... "

Two Ways To Blow It Dept.

Meaningless yet complex; simple yet shallow -- two ways to make a story founder.


From The Closet Dept.

What happens to a story idea deferred? Does it dry up?

The Sense (And Sensibility) Of An Ending Dept.

I don't always know what will happen by the end of the story, but I do know how I want you to feel about it.

All The Wrong Lessons Dept.

Why bad video game lore is a lot like bad pop culture: it embodies the wrong lessons.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken Dept.

How laying the ground rules for my new book almost ground me down.


Nothing Special Dept.

"When any image is possible, no image is all that impressive anymore."

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