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The 10010 2019 Experience

Back in NYC for a few days.


Sundries & Assortments Dept.

My busy-ness as of late, and where it'll be taking me


Life Happens Dept.

Sorry, no AnimeFest this year. "Flight of the Vajra" will come out, though.


After AnimeFest Dept.

The short version: a very good time was had by all. Sales were a little lighter than what I expected, but I also donated copies of my books to the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society for one of their events. Ditto...

A Poke In The Eye Dept.

And with everything else that was going on, I forgot to post a couple of choice snaps from the show....

Get Backers Dept.

Or, I Survived Otakon And I Got A Lot More Than A Lousy T-Shirt. Every show's a fun show if you bring the right things to it. I brought myself, my friend Dan, a sense of humor, bottled water, meal...

Bookish Dept.

First, a note about my revised convention schedule: Otakon (end of July) AnimeFest (beginning of September) NYAF (October) MangaNext (end of October) MangaNext is of course the sister convention to AnimeNext, and the more I hear about it the more...

Homerun Dept.

AnimeNext 2010 was a great success. I sold out all but two copies of the books in stock, met some great new friends, saw some also-great existing ones (you know who you are!) ... all around, a terrific show. Even...

Road Trippin' Dept.

After some date-wrangling, number-crunching and budget-scrunching, it looks like I have my convention schedule for the rest of the year. I'm going to be busier than I thought. AnimeNext (June 18-20, central NJ). Otakon (July 30-August 1, Baltimore, MD). AnimeFest!...

Apple Bite Dept.

I got handed a slew of major assignments last week, so to celebrate a bit before disappearing into the salt mine I headed into New York City. Last night's Times Square bomb scare was still fresh in everyone's mind, but...


AnimeFest 2009, The Rest Of The Story

On the plus side ... Being screwed out of a table (my fault, really) only slowed me down a little bit. Things got significantly better after Ronni Katz, the fine lady who was my table-neighbor last year, showed up. She...

AnimeFest 2009, Day 0

<bitching> The general tone for my flight out to Dallas was set when I struggled into the restroom at the tail of the plane and tried to get Business Done, only to be interrupted by someone jiggling the door handle....

Went There Did That Dept.

I spent Sunday at my parent's house -- first time I'd seen them in months, since they were overseas and enjoying the company of relatives in Turkey and Ireland. There was home cooking, tech support (dad's notebook needed a wipe-down)...

Take A Look Dept.

Full Otakon 2009 photo gallery is now live.Look fast for the Shamwow Guy cosplayer....

Landfall Dept.

I'm back from Otakon '09 and getting caught up with everything. This may take as much as two days. I've got some coverage of the show up already, with more to come. There's a roundtable discussion with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn...

Never Sleeps Dept.

I spent Saturday with my folks in Jersey, celebrating the birthday of a family friend, and then from there swung quickly through Manhattan to test out a theory I had about whether or not Google Street View was any good...

Treasury Dept.

Art Review - 'Art of the Korean Renaissance' - Korean Treasures at a Crossroad in Metropolitan Museum Show -

Keep Back Six Shaku Dept.

The geisha are apparently on the way out, too. In Kyoto, a Call to Not Trample the Geisha -

Phew Dept.

A good weekend was had by all. Went down to my friend Sarah's house for her birthday, enjoyed games and good cooking, Chinese buffets and Japanese import PS2 games. It's taking more time than I thought to get caught up,...

Fibber's Closet Dept.

Next weekend I'll be visiting my good friend Sarah in Jersey, and making a key stop on the way back: the Princeton Record Exchange. There, I'll be unloading most of my existing collection of vinyl. Most of it is actually...

Of Pop And Pies And Farmer Dept.

Some bits 'n pieces from around the way. Criterion has a new box set from their Eclipse line, the Hiroshi Shimizu set. All date from the pre-WWII era and sound like the kind of thing that would make a nice...

WickedFaire, &amp;c.

A reminder: I'm going to be at WickedFaire this coming weekend, with books for sale and at least one panel discussion appearance. Everything I have will be available signed at the cover price ($12), as opposed to the $20 I...

Expanded (Jim Hanley's) Universe Dept.

Or, How I Spent My Time At Comic-Con 2009, NYC. (The title's a double pun that most any NY-based comics/manga/pop-culture fan will spot immediately.) Thursday: I galumphed on over to the city in the evening and swung by Book-Off, which...

CC Dept.

I've posted a longish summary of Comic-Con, from the "business / industry" side of things, over at AMN....

Thud-down Dept.

Back home from Comic-Con NY '09. Wonderful time was had by all, me especially. I'll post some more details later as I'm (predictably) rather worn out right now....

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