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Something Said

If there's one impulse that all writers seem to share, it's the need to *say* something.

Call It Progress

"Charisma", draft 3, act 1. Action.

No Status Quo

I'm not happy with the idea that I haven't moved since the last time I sat down to make something.

Projects In The 90th Percentile

"Charisma" is easily the toughest writing project I've worked on yet, and I have my doubts if I can achieve all I set out to do with it.


The Wikification Of Yours Truly

For the sake of readers who professed an interest, I talk in detail about how I use a wiki to aid in writing my fiction.

Scissors And Paste

In between the usual holiday celebrations, I struggled to dismantle and reassemble Charisma, in the wake of my realizing the plot I had for it didn't work.

A Meaningful Pause

I had to back off from working on "Charisma" for the sake of a major rethinking of the story. Here's how that unfolded.

Motives, Pure And Otherwise

What is it about writing a story that made you hell-bent on writing it, other than your urge to sign your name to it?

Neck Deep In My Hoopla

Excuse my silence! I've been busy -- not NaNo, though, but it might as well be.

You May Now Stop Reading

I don't always know when to stop doing research for a project, or how to deal with coming across valuable research after the project is already closed.

My Five Steps To A Story

For the first time, I've formulated and written down the steps I take to create a story. Yours may differ.

To Own Every Word On The Page

It helps to give the impression we take responsibility for all the words on the page, for who else puts them there?

The Justification Of A Virtuous Vice

I know at the end of the day I don't really have to justify buying books, even as "research". But I still justify it.

Once More, With Feeling(s)

I'm back to working on the new novel, sort of.

No One Gets Talked Out Of This (Or Into It)

If someone can talk you out of being a writer, you’re not a writer. But that doesn't mean other writers owe you anything.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Each book of mine has been about going a place I haven't gone yet, and seeing what I can bring back with me.

Medicine Vs. Cuisine

On reading/consuming for enjoyment vs. reading/consuming for research.

Labored Day

My weekend PC misadventures and beyond.

He Stands Alone

On Chuck Wendig only wanting to write standalones from now on, a sentiment I agree with.

The Washing Garbage Problem

How much rewriting is too much?

Breaking Up A Story Molecule

Or maybe it's a story salad.

Liberate The Voice And Everything Else Will Follow

Liberating the voice and being able to speak as only you can, rather than through the thousand voices you've inherited from the outside, is the hardest and most essential skill.

If You Can't Trust Yourself To Write It, No One Will Trust Reading It

If you have the confidence to tackle a given thing and see it through, that by itself can be enough to fix any problems you worry it might bring with it.

How Not To Talk Yourself To Death In Your Writing

When questions come to mind while writing a work, I have strategies for keeping them from growing without bound.

According To Someone, Somewhere, I Am Writing A Bad Book

No matter how much work I put into any one book, it's going to be "bad" according to someone, somewhere, and there's not a thing I can do about it.

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