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Look No Further

On the (easily misunderstood) Zen doctrine of not looking for fulfillment through outside phenomena.


Now Exhale, Already

This year did leave its mark on me. I only now see this.

The Zen In My Work And Vice Versa

I never wanted to be a "Zen SF&F author". If I did receive that label, I think I'd be very unhappy about it.

Big Z, Little Z

Why I don't mention Zen much in "mixed company".

From Inside Out, Pt. 3,276

Spiritual advice don't mean a thing if it don't come from within.

What It All Means

Zen's influence on my work.

The New Needs Friends

The new needs friends, not evangelists or apologists.


I Have Been In This Elevator Before

A mindset to be identified and resisted.

Snoopy's Neck

On a childhood possession and the nature of grasping.

Even One Word Is Power

I write fiction because I do not want to die feeling I have had no control over my life.

Beat Zen, Square Zen, And Fad Zen

If someone is now interested in something that once only had faddish appeal, their interest has a far greater chance of being genuine.

Self-Work In Progress

If you don't work on yourself, it makes the job of others defining you against your will easier for them.

Constructive Loafing

On Zen as the "do-nothing" philosophy (which it isn't).

The Passive Type

Zen as nonintellectual, rather than anti-intellectual. But also non-passive.

You Won't Find It Here

I sometimes feel like books about writing should be prefaced with, "You won't find any 'literature' here."

The Worst Horse

"If you understand Zen as a kind of practice to be a best horse you will have a problem."


Do(ing) The Right Thing

"moral action is also, inevitably, practical action, and immoral action is inevitably impractical..."

Sometimes Nothing Can Be A Real Cool Hand

There's this line about Zen practice that comes up a lot, that it doesn't "give" you anything.

Narcissism And No-Self

On a Zen concept vs a psychological one.

Now Is The Only Moment Of Your Life, And Other Necessary Delusions

It doesn't mean the present moment is the only thing that exists, or that plans are foolish things.

Too Smart For Your Own Good

"Beginner's mind" is not something we can impose on others.

Spotless Mirrors, And All That

The editing and rewriting process for any of my books always exposes me to the same dilemmas.

Owning Your Boredom

A redux of the old question: what's so bad about being bored?

Enlightenment NOW!!!

The desire for something quick is not itself wrong.

Theorizers Vs. Practitioners

Zen matters when it's practiced; it's getting people to practice that's the hard part.

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